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spice smoke blendIn spite of everything that has happened in the past few years, in spite of all the attempts to stamp it out, smoking spice continues to grow. In case you got lost along the way trying to figure out which spice smoke was legal and which one wasn't, here is the official herbal spice review for all 50 states.

Looking to try some or smoke some spice but not sure which spice smoke to start out with? Let us help! Come right in, step over that pile of I’m-not-sure-what-that-is, that's it, perfect. Have a seat there on the couch.

What's that you say? You read something online called legal highs reviews, and they told you to try which kind of cheap spice to start with? Hm. Yes. Well. Let's start at the beginning.

While some marijuana smoking sites and legal high reviews (and every other site dedicated to folks who still believe that pot will one day be legal in the United States) may have all the best information there is to be had about good old Mary Jane, the fact is that right now it’s still on the list of DEA controlled substances.

And that means that those same folks may not be the best ones to give a good spice review when it comes to the legal smoking spice blends currently available. Where can you go, you ask? Funny you should ask. One good legal buds smoking and spice review site on the internet is legalbudguide.com. They've got dozens of different kinds of incense smoking spice, legal buds and herbal smoking guides.

One thing you don't want to do is just rush right out and google "spice sale" or "cheap spice" on the computer. First of all, you'll probably end up getting some kind of cheap crap and wondering why people want to try and kill themselves.

Or (and this might be even worse) you might accidentally stumble on something stronger and end up in a panic (there's even a brand of incense called "Panic," in fact). Please visit: Herbal Smoking Review for spice smoking guides and reviews.

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