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Spice Smoking Legal High

spice smoke blend"Spice smoking is one of the few legal vices left in on the North American continent, which is why it's become increasing popular among folks looking for an alternative to controlled substances. There's nothing wrong with alternatives—everyone is confronted with alternatives every day. Jeans or slacks? Orange juice or coffee? McDonald's or Burger King?

Some folks think that smoking spice is a substitute for illegal substances such as marijuana, which is simply untrue. One (marijuana) happens to be illegal at present, while the other (Spice smoke) happens to be legal, but many people who enjoy smoking spice would do so even if marijuana was legal.

Benefits of Spice Smoking

Spice Smoking LegallyThe advantages to smoking spice instead of its alternatives are many. Spice legal herb comes in a variety of flavors—such as strawberry, mango, and blueberry. These flavors of Spice smoke can be pleasant and aromatic, almost like aromatherapy in a sense. It makes the smoking more interesting and always makes it a fresh, new experience—unlike cannabis, which only comes in one flavor.

Another benefit to smoking spice is that it is 100% legal. Although some states have banned the original product "Spice," the fact is that "Spice" has become more a generic term for any of the spice legal bud products that are on the market. The original Spice had a number of flaws with it, not the least of which was that many of the knockoffs had chemicals added to them, such as JWH-018 or AM-694. But all of the spice legal smoke products sold through this website are chemical-free and fully organic, achieving their effects through naturally occurring psychoactive properties in the plants and herbs.

The fact that smoking spice is legal is a relief for many people because drug tests are a common hindrance to anyone wanting to try it these days. But the fact is that you could actually smoke spice right in front of the person administering your drug test, and still pass the test, because these tests are administered for things like cocaine and marijuana, not obscure chemicals with letters and numbers.

Effects of Spice Legal Herb

spice smoking effectsBut that's not to say that there are no effects when you use spice legal bud to get high. Quite the opposite. Many people who smoke spice have found that the effects are even more intense than those obtained from smoking marijuana. The wide variety of smoking spice brands on the market obviously means that one might totally floor you for an hour, while another might just be a stinky version of lawn clippings. But overall, if you do your homework before buying a packet of spice legal high, you will not be disappointed.

Let's say you've decided on which kind of spice legal smoke to purchase. When it arrives in the mail, you might be tempted to open it right away and smoke it all, but don't do that. You'll probably just end up having a bad time. To enjoy your first spice legal high experience most, call up a few friends and invite them over. Then try smoking just a little bit at first, and if the effects are enjoyable you can use a little more—better to start out with a small amount first, though, in case you don't like it. Enjoy! For more legal spice information, visit: Legal Bud Reviews for spice smoking reviews and guides.

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