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Spice Legal High

Spice Herbal Smoking"Incense spice is the latest in a series of smoking products that goes back thousands of years in human history. Although they all called it by different names, cultures as diverse as Chinese, African, Indian, and even European used herbal smoking products to elevate their consciousness to a higher level.

The only difference between then and now is that today's Spice Legal High is available on the internet, and theirs were only available usually after a long, tiresome journey up the mountain, or after fighting a bear or something like that. So what's in Spice legal high smoking products? Lots of plants and herbs that have been discovered to have psychoactive properties. Botanical Spice Ingredients such as:

Elixir of the Sun. Notorious as a "legal high" plant. Central American shamans (spiritual leaders) would mix a sort of pot pourri from the leaves from this plant and allow it to brew in the sun for a day, during which it was said that the knowledge of the sun was imparted to the plant, giving rise to the name.

Wild Lettuce. I know what readers outside the U.S. must be thinking: "Wow. It must be really tough to find legal highs in USA, because they even smoke vegetables." But wild lettuce is only distantly related to the kind you eat, and when included in Spice herbal incense adds a sort of opium effect.

Kava. The ability of kava to give people legal highs has long been known by the South Pacific Islanders, but it's only now that Westerners have realized it and begun adding the plant to things like Spice herbal incense.

Ginseng. The Koreans have known Ginseng was psychoactive for a long time, but Ginseng is now being used as one of the few ways to find legal highs in USA. Besides being extremely good for you (it fights cancer and toxins in your body), Ginseng has effects both as a stimulant and an aphrodisiac.

Legal Pot Spice

Legal Pot BlendAlthough some people consider these products legal pot spice is actually a spiritual blend of many different plants and herbs with effects all their own. Even though it's not pot spice will definitely give you a heady, potent smoking experience and a ready spiritual experience to boot. And these are just a few of the natural plant products that you can expect to find in a packet of Spice Legal High products. The exact contents tend to vary from one botanical Spice mixture to another, but the results are still the same. Of course, the only way you'll really know what the effects of Spice legal high products for sure is by trying some legal spice for yourself. So grab a bowl, light up your incense spice, and get going on finding out for yourself.

Legal High in the USA

USA Legal HighsSpice herbal incense is an alternative to marijuana smoking and tobacco smoking that happens to be a Legal High in the USA, but that does not mean that the product is an illegal alternative.

It simply means that people have a choice of what they would like to try or smoke, and some people are choosing these Legal Herbal Blends by brands like Fusion, Mr. Nice Guy, Chronic, K2, Frost, Spice, Heat and others. For more legal spice information, visit: Legal Bud Reviews for spice smoking reviews and guides.

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